Feeds and Animal Nutrition is a branch of Animal Science and the department deals with teaching and research on different areas of animal nutrition: nutritive values of feeds and fodder, nutritional requirements and computation of balance feeds for different species of animals and birds.
Other objectives of department;
  • To provide practical lessons to the students of different levels about easy and efficient feed conversion tools such as in situ and in vitro techniques, and to provide tham participate in scientific researches,
  • To conduct researches on determining the most appropriate method of feed composition, nutrition value of animal feeds, and the evaluation of a rational diet on organism,
  • To lead the usage of the analytical methods in the field of evaluation of the feed,
  • To provide consulting services to manufacturers, private farming enterprises, and research institutes under the Ministry of Agriculture,
  • To spread the findings of carried out researches to the producers by means of the Ministry of Agriculture Publishing Organization,
  • To organize short-term courses for the benefit of technical staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and the producers,
  • To disseminate the findings of conducted researches by publishing to the manufacturers.

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